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UCloud A Global Network You can Trust.

Our Datacenter is a globally distributed collection of redundant server infrastructure which hosts all our Products and Services.

Our Datacenter consists of servers distributed across various Datacenters worldwide. Most of these datacenters have certain common qualifications



Berkeley County, South Carolina



The Dalles, Oregon

Scalability & Reliability

Our Datacenter consists of a complex mesh of global servers that interact with each other. The entire architecture is built upon common principles of High-Availability, Clustering and n+1 Architecture. This allows us to scale our solutions to match your exponential growth by simply adding infrastructure and linking it to this architecture. You are abstracted from worrying about variables such as scalability, uptime, network response etc

Global Reach

We and our partners have invested in infrastructure deployments at various locations globally. You can now leverage upon this global infrastructure and offer a completely private-labeled global experience to your Customers without any investments. We handle the selection, negotiation, and relationship management with Infrastructure providers around the world.

Our Network

Our virtual private servers are embedded with assorted features that gives you all the tools you need, alongside a reliable, all-round customer support services. Our drive is truely satisfied customers and our priority is quality beyond quantity!

Happy Customers

Should your server experience a technical hitch, we will immediately login and resolve whatever the issue is that caused the downtime. Also, in the event that your server is reported as frozen or crashed, rendering both you and our team unable to login, we shall reboot it from the data center. We have a proactive approach to work, which automatically relieves you from worrying bout server uptime problems. You can sleep peacefully knowing your server is in secure hands.